Story behind

What's the fuzz about PeopleNotes?

My journey started when I realized that what I don't write, does not actually exist.

To be clear. I work as a team leader of IT department for biggest e–shop in East Europe. We work across six countries and still expanding. The job comes with a lot of information to process, team members to take care of and people to meet with on a daily basis.

One day, and I literally mean one day, I was unable to find where I put some important note about people in regard to the meeting. I desperately searched in the land between Evernote, Microsoft OneNote and Basecamp. After a few moments of pure frustration, I decided to solve this issue once and forever.

And that was how PeopleNotes has been born. Let's skip a few endless nights of development with a company of coffee, irregular heart beat and occasional hallucinations…

Today, I'm proud to say I'm always prepared for every business or social meetings I'm invited to. I can easily search every person and keep info up–to–date. I don't have to relay on my evolutionary (and poorly) designed brain. No more hopeless searching in diary, calendars or other online applications I forced to do things they weren't purposed for.

Let your coworkers, team, your friends to now you actually care. Get your life under your control again!

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100% life quality


Stay focused on people.


All contacts are accessible from simple dashboard. I can easily manage them with a few clicks.

I can also easily filter my contacts by typing a name or an email of the contact I'm looking for.

One place

All necessary information about Peter or Jackie are on one place. I just take a look what we've discussed last time we've met.

"What we've talked about last time? How's your children? Did Marc proposed you already, Jackie?"

"So, Peter, last quarter we decide to review your work on that project. So what's the progress now?"


Say YES to PeopleNotes

Features you might find out useful.
  • Available everywhere

    I can login into this application from any device I want to. It works on my desktop as well as on my BlackBerry.

  • Be prepared

    I have all information prepared for every meeting or employee review.
    No "But I told you a few months ago." anymore.

  • Feel save

    All data are encrypted with secure connection. I really care about being safe when it comes to such private info.

  • Photos, text notes

    I cannot only write notes about person, but I can also add images or attach other files. Great! I don't have to go anywhere else.

  • Teamwork

    I don't have to do it all by myself. My assistant can collect everything related to business for me. We have shared company account.

  • Show you care

    I realize if the person sitting next to me knows that I care about him, we can always establish some trust and connection with each other. That's priceless.


Some basic info you might find out useful.

This application is currently in beta version and totally free. There are no hidden costs. If you find out this app useful, we would appreciate a small donation so we can keep this application running. Don't be afraid to buy us a beer.

I would like to personally thank these developers:

And of course every other hard working developer, myself included :-)

Do you have some question? Write me an e-mail.